Life at TALIC

'Pleasure in the Job Puts Perfection in the Work'

Abraham Lincoln says, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Organization psychologists put forth that employee happiness is critical for organizational success as happy employees quantifiably translate into bigger profits and such happiness may not always be achieved through rewards. Global research also proves the direct linkage between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Recognizing the significance of employee engagement, Tata AIA Life designed and launched two employee engagement initiatives in 2012 namely 'Full on Fun' and 'YOU' (Year of You) with the idea to build an energized and vibrant workforce. With success and learning, the initiatives were enhanced and in the year 2013, launched as 'Full on Fun Series II' and 'YOU Plus'.

Full on Fun Series

This initiative promotes employee involvement and fun at the workplace, it has a host of interesting activities under its umbrella - including Whacky Wednesday, Annual Day Celebrations, Annual Sports Day, WOW! (World of Work), Reach for the Stars, and many more. While some of the activities are conducted on a weekly basis to keep up with the tempo of having fun at work, some are annually held. The idea behind this initiative is to engage employees with fun and frolic, however, each activity has been designed to engage employees constructively and inculcate a sense of ownership amongst them.

You & Real You

Under YOU initiative, the activity calendar includes birthday leaves, paternity leaves, Leave early on second Friday of the month, TALIC/AIA got talent, birthday celebrations and ongoing health camps for all the employees.

Mood Monitors

The idea is to create a happy and engaged workforce and this mood monitor tracks the happiness levels. It's fun to use and this enable employees to help lift the spirits of a sad or angry colleague and have them lend a helping hand when they see someone puzzled or restless.

The online Mood monitor popup on the computer screen as soon as a user logs onto the network every morning before marking his or her attendance for the day. Once the employee clicks on any of the mood (Excited, Happy, Sad, Tired, Creative, Nervous, Unwell, Angry) it shows the overall responses/mood of the organization in form of pie chart. This initiative has been well appreciated

Reward and Recognition

Awards- Recognition platforms to recognize super achievers who consistently achieve outstanding results: Atlas - Individuals who have over achieved significantly for a given month or delivered an initiative which has led to a positive cost or time impact. Titans - Individuals who have achieved outstanding results in a quarter. Hercules - Individuals who have delivered outstanding results during the year.