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Our Promise

Consumer Obsession is a way of life and doing business for us. We want to enable dreams and inspire healthier and happier lives. We place customer needs at the heart of our decision-making processes and our promise is to serve you in a proactive and empathetic manner. By delivering smart, need based products, driving change and innovation and making our services more intuitive we uphold our promise to empower you to know more, live more and protect your loved ones more.

Servicing Turnaround Time as prescribed by IRDAI

While we would like to serve you in the fastest and the fairest way possible, sometimes, we need time to do what is right by you. Our servicing turnaround times are just indicative of how we work to make sure your request is our command.

On-boarding process

Process Maximum turnaround time
Processing of new business proposal, and communication of decision including requirements 15 Days 
Policy issuance 15 Days 
Dispatch of policy document including copy of the proposal 30 Days 


Service requests


All service requests (Excluding claim and payouts that are specifically detailed below) 10 Days

Payout processing

Free-look cancellation and Premium Refund of New policy from date of cancellation

7 days
Surrender value, Loan, Partial Withdrawal & Refund 15 Days 


Claim processing

Annuity payouts Policy anniversary date
Processing of Maturity claim payouts On Maturity Date
Processing of Survival benefit payouts On Due Date
Death claims — Raising requirements after registering the claims 15 Days 
Death claims (without investigation) 30 Days 
Death claims (with investigation) —
  • To complete investigation
  • Processing payout after investigation
90 Days 

30 Days 

Health claims

Health claim decision (without investigation)  30 Days 
Health claim decision (with investigation) —
  • To complete investigation
  • Processing payout after investigation

30 Days 

15 Days 


Grievance Redressal

Acknowledge a grievance 3 days
Resolving a grievance 15 days
Closure of the grievance A complaint shall be considered as disposed of and closed:-

  • The company has acceded to the request of the complainant fully
  • Where the complainant has indicated in writing, acceptance of the response of insurer
  • Where the complainant has not responded to the insurer within 8 weeks of the Company’s 1st written response
  • Where Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) has certified that the Company has discharged its contractual, statutory & regulatory obligations and therefore closes the complaint