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Electronic insurance account

eIA allows you to maintain the insurance policies of multiple insurers in the same account in electronic format, maintained through an insurance repository. 

EIA service providers

How it

Step 01

Choose your preferred insurance repository

Step 02

Download application form

Step 03

Keep necessary documents handy

Step 04

Carry out self-authentication

Step 05

Upload filled up form and your documents online

Documents to
keep ready

PAN card of the policy owner

Address proof of the policy owner

Re-Materializations of Electronic Policies

For re-materializations of electronic policies i.e., if you wish to opt out of an Insurance Repository in respect of any insurance policy or convert the e insurance policies into the physical documents you can write to Tata AIA through the following means and submit your request for the same. 

1. Contact our customer service number at 1860-266-9966 and send your request.

2. Contact our Tata AIA branch which is nearest to your location.

3. Contact your Agent or RM.


On receipt of your request, Tata AIA Life will intimate the Insurance Repository for recording the changes and within a TAT of 72 hours from the time of receipt of the request Tata AIA will initiate the process of issuance of hard copy of the insurance policy. Alternatively, policyholder can also visit our Tata AIA website; select download statement under the option customer service; select policy document to request for a physical policy document. Policyholder will be not be charged for availing of this service.