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Frequently asked questions
How do life insurance calculators work?

Our life insurance calculators, based on pre-defined and pre-built algorithms, take various parameters into consideration, such as your age, type of insurance policy you select, policy period, and the riders. Our life insurance calculators consider various parameters, such as your age, type of insurance policy you select, the policy period, and the riders based on pre-defined and pre-built algorithms

What is a ULIP calculator?

Life insurance investment plans allow you to reap the benefits of market-linked returns, while letting you protect your family with the life insurance cover. Tata AIA Life Insurance’s ULIP calculator helps you plan better for your future. You can know how much money you have to save in order to realize your dreams, and work towards fulfilling your more ambitious life goals.

How can I use a ULIP calculator?

Using the Tata AIA Life Insurance ULIP calculator is extremely simple and straightforward. You can select the amount you want to invest either on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or on an annual basis, along with the premium payment term. Then, you have to choose what your risk appetite is; that is, if you want to invest in a balanced fund, conservative, or an aggressive type of fund. The ULIP calculator will then give you the estimated returns, along with the maturity payout.

Will I get the exact amount as calculated by using the ULIP calculator?

Various factors will play a part in the actual amount you will receive. This ULIP calculator will only give you an estimated amount.

Is using the ULIP calculator free?

Yes. You can use the Tata AIA Life Insurance’s ULIP calculator free of charge.