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Key benefits

  • Higher protection for women policyholders
  • Option to enhance your protection with riders
  • Flexibility to pay premiums for limited periods

Diamond Savings Plan

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed income after the premium payment term
  • The benefit of a life cover throughout the policy term
  • Enhanced protection with optional riders

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People frequently asked us about…
How do I know how much life insurance I would need?

By considering various factors like your present monthly expenses, liabilities, total income, and future life goals, you can choose a life insurance cover that is at least ten times your present annual income. You can use our life insurance calculators to know exactly how much life insurance cover you should opt for.

How can I calculate the life insurance premium?

The easiest way to know the premium for a plan of your choosing, is by using the corresponding insurance calculator. You can refer to our range of calculators to know which insurance calculator you can use.

How can I calculate the cost of the insurance plan?

Our online insurance premium calculator will help you in calculating the cost of purchasing a specific insurance plan.

How do life insurance calculators work?

Our life insurance calculators, based on pre-defined and pre-built algorithms, take various parameters into consideration, such as your age, type of insurance policy you select, policy period, and the riders.

When you enter the values of these parameters while using our life insurance calculators, you will be given an estimated quote of the premium payable under the chosen plan. In a few cases, the premium displayed can change, depending on the underwriting decision.

What factors should I take into consideration before calculating how much insurance cover is best for me?

Below are some of the factors you need to consider, before you choose the life insurance cover.


  • Current annual income
  • Monthly expenses
  • Present and future financial liabilities
  • Financial goals and aspirations
  • Age at the time of policy purchase and number of working years left before retirement
  • Number of dependent family members and their expenses