Unsolicited Communication

Your private and confidential information is always protected at Tata AIA Life Insurance. Our secure systems and enhanced security measures are updated and upgraded regularly. We believe in maintaining privacy and hence do not send any unsolicited communication from Tata AIA Life Insurance

To our customers :

Fraudulent callers may pose as representatives of Tata AIA Life Insurance, or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), and provide fabricated information with respect to your insurance policies. These fraudsters provide incorrect information about the performance of funds, potential bonuses, and other false details. They proceed to convince policyholders to discontinue their insurance policies with Tata AIA Life Insurance, and register for different policies by Tata AIA Life Insurance, or other insurance providers, by falsely guaranteeing better returns and benefits.

It is important to note that Tata AIA Life Insurance never has or never will encourage its customers to discontinue their insurance policies.

Beware of spurious phone calls, and fictitious/fraudulent offers

  • Do not share policy details
  • Beware of phishing
  • Beware of spurious calls
  • Do not surrender your policy

Safeguard yourself by taking the following measures:

  • Do not respond to claims that promise you undue benefits, even if the caller is from Tata AIA Life Insurance Company or IRDAI.
  • For any information about your insurance policy and other products by us, you may log into your online policy account, or call our helpline number 1860-266-9966, or write to us at customercare@tataaia.com
  • Premiums paid by cheque should be in favour of “Tata AIA Life Insurance - policy number”, and deposited at our branches, or at authorized centers only.
  • If you do encounter any suspicious activity, make a note and register a written report at any of the servicing touch points. Each activity will be scrutinized and appropriate security measures will be taken.
  • Before buying a new policy plan or surrendering any existing one, remember to verify the credentials of the caller claiming to be an agent, including details like their license issued by the IRDAI and Identity card issued by Tata AIA Life Insurance.