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Asked Questions

How do I know which plan is best for me?

Think about your life stage

At each stage of life, there are different goals and dreams you aspire to achieve. Your choice of insurance plan depends on the life stage you are in, and the goals tied to that stage. Our plans like Tata AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha , Tata AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha+ , Tata AIA Life Insurance iRaksha TROP  and Tata AIA Life Insurance Maha Raksha Supreme  offer protection at every life stage.

Consider the important milestones

There are many milestones in life that you will need to save for. The journey to a better tomorrow starts with the savings you make today. Our popular savings plans such as Tata AIA Life Insurance Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan  and Tata AIA Life Insurance Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan ensure that you save for life’s important milestones.

Keep your long-term goals and dreams in mind

There are personal dreams like traveling the world, and there are major life goals like giving your child the best education. Wealth creation plans can help you in achieving these goals. Our popular wealth plans like  Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Pro  and  Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Maxima  allow you to create wealth through market-linked returns. Use our goals calculator to estimate how much wealth you would need to fulfil your dreams.

Plan ahead for a worry-free retirement

Enjoy worry-free retirement by purchasing either the Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Annuity Plan or the Tata AIA Life Insurance Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan


What is a protection plan? Should I purchase a protection plan, and if so, when?

A protection plan helps you secure the future of your loved ones, and shields your family from uncertainties in life. It is best to buy a protection plan when you are young and start earning paychecks, because the premiums are lower if you start early. Additionally, you may not have to undergo medical tests if you purchase a protection plan at a young age.

Use our premium calculator to get a better idea about the premium you will be charged.

When should I start thinking about saving for retirement?

The best time to start thinking about saving for retirement is start earning paychecks. The next best time is today. The earlier you begin, the more you can save.

Our delay calculator can help you understand how putting off retirement planning can affect your wealth creation. Purchase one of our retirement plans to secure your golden years.


What are the differences between wealth solutions and savings solutions?

Wealth solutions and savings solutions offer plans that enable you to realise your dreams, and achieve your life goals.

Wealth solutions include plans that offer market-linked returns, which help your funds grow significantly over the years.

Savings solutions have been designed to encourage disciplined savings that help you fulfil your essential life goals, and help you save for life’s major milestones.


What are Riders? Why are they important?

Riders build upon the protection and the benefits that you get from a basic life insurance policy. They are important because they address specific needs and requirements. You can customize your basic insurance plan with riders to better suit your individual needs.

Some of our popular riders include Tata AIA Life Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Long Scale) (ADDL) Rider and Waiver of Premium Plus Rider

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