Tata AIA Life Insurance
Gold Income Plan 

A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan

Buying your very own dream house, saving up for your children’s higher education, so you can get them into the best colleges, and perhaps even buying that car you’ve been eyeing. All these and more make up the dreams that you may have nurtured over the years. With the right solution, you can save up the funds you need to turn these dreams into reality. Savings plans, with their guaranteed payouts, are just what you need.

Your loved ones trust you to protect their dreams, and secure their future. Sustain that trust by choosing the Gold Income Plan from Tata AIA Life Insurance today, so you and your family can look forward to a brighter future.


Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

Basic Sum Assured on maturity of the policy

Guaranteed income

Guaranteed Income from the end of the year following Maturity for 10 or 15 years

Increasing income

Increasing income during the income term which increases further on payment higher premium

Insurance coverage

Life insurance coverage to secure the future of your loved ones

Add-on riders

Enhanced protection through optional riders

Highlights of Tata AIA Life Insurance Gold Income Plan

Get guaranteed lumpsum benefit on maturity and an income starting at 12% of the basic sum assured
Get life cover to help protect your loved ones
You have the flexibility to plan your future goals with guaranteed returns
You can choose any of the additional riders to increase the protection offered
You can choose to pay your premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly
You have the option to avail a loan against your policy
You can avail tax benefits as per the applicable tax laws

Add Savings Plan Riders

Tata AIA Life Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Long Scale) (ADDL) Rider  

This rider protects your family by paying them a lump sum amount in case of an accidental death
The benefits are doubled in case of certain accidental deaths or dismemberments (details in the brochure)
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Tata AIA Life Insurance Waiver of Premium Plus (WOPP) Rider 

In case of death or total and permanent disability of the life insured, this rider allows all future premiums to be waived off
This benefit is valid if the death or disability occurs before the policyholder attains 70 years of age or before the end of the premium payment term, whichever happens earlier
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Check eligibility Documents required

Age at entry

Minimum age at entry (years) For a premium payment term of 5 years: 6
For a premium payment term of 12 years: 3
Maximum age at entry (years) For a premium payment term of 5 years: 65
For a premium payment term of 12 years: 55

Policy term

 Policy term 

 12 years
 15 years 

Premium payment term

Available premium payment term options   For a policy term of 12 years, the premium payment term is 5 years
For a policy term of 15 years, the premium payment term is 12 years 

Premium payment mode

 Premium payment frequency options 


Age at maturity

Minimum age at maturity 
18 years 
Maximum age at maturity 
For a premium payment term of 5 years: 77 years
For a premium payment term of 12 years: 70 years 

Sum issured

Basic sum assured 
Annualised Premium x Basic Sum Assured Multiple 
PAN card
Aadhaar card
Bank statement (for the previous 6 months)
Salary slip
Income tax receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the guaranteed income benefit offered by the Gold Income Plan last?

Under the Gold Income Plan from Tata AIA Life Insurance, you have the flexibility to plan your income for 10 or 15 years.

What is the premium payment frequency for this saving plan?

You can choose from the following premium payment frequencies

  • Annual 
  • Half-yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly 
How can I raise a claim under this savings plan?

You can choose any of the following channels to reach out to us and raise a claim.

The Claims Department,
Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited
B- wing, 9th Floor,
I-Think Techno Campus,
Behind TCS, Pokhran Road No.2,
Close to Eastern Express Highway,
Thane(West) 400 607.
IRDA Regn No. 110

What documents would I require to buy an insurance policy?

To buy an insurance policy, you need to submit the following mandatory documents.

Proof of address:

The following documents are accepted as valid proof of your address.

  • Bank Statement (or passbook) with the latest entries for six months 
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Voter's ID
  • Driving license
  • Electricity/telephone bill
  • Ration card

Proof of identity:

Some of the documents that are accepted as valid proof of your identity include:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Documents showing proof of income:

These documents, which are required only for a few plans, include:

  • Salary slips of the previous 3 months
  • Income tax returns/Employer certificate
  • Bank statement of the previous 6 months
  • Latest Form 16
What are riders? Which rider can I purchase with the Smart Income Plus plan?

Riders are additional provisions that you can add on to your basic insurance policy, in order to enhance the protection and the benefits you receive.

With the Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Income Plus(UIN: 110N131V02) plan, you can purchase the following riders.


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