Tata AIA Life reinforces its commitment to Customer Centricity with its Rakshakaran Week

12th October 2021, Mumbai - Tata AIA Life Insurance, one of India’s leading Life Insurance Companies today launched Rakshakaran Week, a consumer outreach program that reinforces the brand’s core philosophy of customer centricity. The exercise involves engaging with customers to better understand their experience with the brand’s products, services, and digital platforms. Further, the company aims to give the opportunity to each one of its 9,000 employees to speak to and listen to customers thereby truly living the company’s value of ‘Consumer Obsession’.

Rakshakaran Week will be conducted from October 12 -19, 2021 and will comprise diverse activities. Employees will get to speak to customers and hear their first-hand views. They will also be provided with customer call recordings to understand and suggest ways to improve on the customer focused processes. To encourage employees to participate in earnest, the company has planned various internal contests and will recognize those who best demonstrate the ‘Consumer Obsession’ value.

The initiative comes in at a time when life insurance penetration is poised to grow from the current 2.82%.* Amid a continuing pandemic, the need for life and health insurance solutions among consumers is on the rise. As new customers, especially millennials and Gen Z come into the insurance fold, it is important for brands to get closer to their customers and understand their solutions and servicing needs deeply. Tata AIA aims to do exactly this through its focused consumer outreach program ‘Rakshakaran Week’.

Yusuf Panchmariwala, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance, said, “Customer Obsession is a core value at Tata AIA Life Insurance. Our mission is to provide the best and simplest life and health insurance solutions, that are in sync with our customer’s individual needs and life goals. For us to achieve this, it is important to be constantly in touch with our customers and deeply understand their evolving needs. Through our Rakshakaran Week, we want each one of our employees to experience our Consumer Obsession value, thereby giving them an opportunity to contribute to further improving the Customer Experience journey.”

As a brand, Tata AIA strongly believes that product innovation, delightful service and convenience through digitization are the key pillars to meet the needs of today’s new age customer. This is complemented by focus on delivering the right, need-based investment advice thereby ensuring that the company builds lasting relationships with its customers.

*Source – Economic Survey 2020-21