Have you ever thought about what one should do if they had to cope with a serious illness?

Suppose someone is diagnosed with a serious illness: Cancer or Heart ailment. How would they know which doctor to go to? What are the best treatment options for them? How can they confirm their diagnosis and ensure that they are receiving the best treatment?


Personal Medical Case Management gives you access to expert advice, support and assistance along your medical journey – to ensure that you receive the best possible medical care for your ailment and give you peace of mind. This benefit is provided to eligible customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance as a part of their policy where they will be provided with personal and dedicated 24*7 service for a block of 3 months.

Step 01

Assign you a dedicated Case Doctor and Case Nurse to help you through your medical journey

Step 02

Review and re-evaluate your medical conditions

Step 03

Upon need, refer and help arrange further tests and appointments with different medical service providers locally

Step 04

Ensure your diagnosis is correct

Step 05

Consult on your behalf with leading specialists around the world

Step 06

Help you make the best medical decisions and coordinate your care

Step 07

Monitor your progress, answer all your medical questions and support you in dealing with complications and side effects through out your medical journey, until recovery

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Who can buy a life insurance policy?

Any individual who is 18 years old or above at the time of purchasing the insurance policy, and according to the conditions specified under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, can buy an insurance policypurchase a life insurance policy. Alternatively, you may choose to buy a life insurance policy for a nominee, such as your child.

Why should I buy life insurance?

There are several reasons for purchasing a life insurance policy. Choosing a life insurance plan is fundamental to securing your family’s financial future. You can also purchase an insurance policy to save tax, create wealth, plan for your child's education or marriage, or to secure your golden years after you retire.

What is the meaning of insurance premium?

The insurance premium is the payment made by the policyholder to an insurance company for particular coverage. The policyholder must make regular payments in intervals chosen by them (known as premium payment mode), until the maturity of the policy, or as specified in the policy documents, in order to avail of the said life insurance cover, along with the other monetary benefits. payment must be made regularly until the policy’s maturity, or as stated in policy documents, to avail of a specific life insurance cover and other monetary benefits.

Whom should I contact regarding the death claim under a policy?

You can use any of the following channels to inform us:

Email - claims@tataaia.com

Helpline no. - 1860-266-9966 (local charges apply)

You can also walk into any of the TALIC branch offices.

Alternatively, you can write directly to us at:

The Claims Department,

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited,

B- Wing, 9th Floor,

I-Think Techno Campus,

Behind TCS, Pokhran Road No.2,

Close to Eastern Express Highway,

Thane(West)֠ - 400 607

IRDA Regn No. 110


  • PMCM is available to eligible customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance. PMCM feature is optional. It is the customer’s sole discretion to avail PMCM and to follow the treatment path suggested by service provider. All medical-related dealing will be directly with service provider and not with Tata AIA Life Insurance. Availing this feature grants permission to service provider to contact the customer about PMCM. It is available only for Life Insured of active policies for select products/solutions/riders and for select diseases only, wherein primary diagnosis has been done by a registered practitioner. All supporting medical records should be available to avail the feature. This feature can be discontinued or service provider may be changed at any time at the insurer’s discretion. This feature is provided by a third party service provider and Tata AIA Life Insurance shall not be liable for any liability arising due to customer opting to avail this feature.