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What is Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) Service?

When faced with a serious illness like heart disease, cancer, or chronic liver disease, people often struggle to figure out which doctor to choose and what treatments are best for them. They may also have doubts about their diagnosis and the most effective treatment options. In times like these, Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) can offer a valuable solution. 

PMCM is a special program for eligible and enrolled customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance. It connects them with medical experts who provide advice and support throughout their medical journey, ensuring they receive the best care and have peace of mind.

Benefits of Enrolling in PMCM

  • Clinical Recommendations

    Receive recommendations from top specialists and hospitals.

  • Scope of Service

    Receive an average of 10 – 15 consultations with global leading specialists.

  • Monitoring

    Long term access to quality medical care.

  • Coordination & Supervision

    Coordination and Clinical supervision throughout the period of service.

  • Length of Service

    Get ongoing personal support for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Get Personalized Support

    Direct line to the dedicated case manager doctor and to the medical coordinator nurse.

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Diseases covered under Medix

The medical conditions covered under PMCM service are as follows

  • Cancer or suspected Cancer

  • Cardiac (Heart Conditions) which includes the following disease group

  • Ischemic heart disease

  • Valvular diseases (aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency, mitral stenosis, mitral insufficiency, mitral valve prolapse

  • Heart failure (congestive heart failure, Diastolic heart failure, right heart failure)

  • Arrhythmia (Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia, etc.) 

  • Congenital anomalies (vsd, pfo)

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

  • Right ventricular dysplasia

  • Heart malignancy (Myxoma, etc)

  • Chronic Liver Disease.
  • Kidney

    Chronic gastroenterological

    Cardiovascular, Neurological

    On- going Orthopedic





    Ear and nose and throat (ENT)

How does it work?

Eligible customers can avail the PMCM benefit by enrolling for the service and providing the necessary consent and documents to the service provider to begin the process.

Step 01

Enrol for PMCM service by clicking on enrolment link received through SMS/WhatsApp/Email

Step 02

Reach out to the dedicated call centre line/email to ensure all necessary information is shared.

Step 03

Sign the consent forms and submit the relevant medical information to Medix.

Step 04

Once the consent form has been signed and all medical information has been provided, Chief Triage Officer will check and approve/reject Medix entitlement.

Step 05

Medix will then appoint a doctor and a supporting nurse to manage your case.

Step 06

Your medical information and diagnosis will be evaluated by leading specialists. If further tests are required, Medix will help arrange these for you.

Step 07

You will then receive a consolidated medical recommendation and professional support to help you decide a preferred course of action.

Step 08

Your progress will be monitored.

Step 09

A dedicated Medix team remains on hand to answer any medical questions they have during the first three months of their recovery. It can be extended for another 3 months if need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMCM (Personal Medical Case Management) service? 

PMCM stands for Personal Medical Case Management that provides access to expert advice, support and assistance along your medical journey for the list of diseases covered under the service.

It includes:

  • Ongoing personal support
  • Re-evaluation
  • Referral for testing
  • On-going consultations

What are the benefits of PMCM (Personal Medical Case Management) for eligible customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance? 

  • PMCM gives our customers with serious medical conditions additional peace of mind and ensures that they reach the best possible healthcare outcomes.
  • PMCM helps work towards the right diagnosis and the right treatment in their time of need to provide the highest quality healthcare. Medix will collect opinions from different specialists for the customer, coordinate and recommend the most efficient, appropriate, and holistic treatment plan – working together with the customer’s local treating doctors.
  • Customers who are on case management will have access to dedicated support from the start of service for a maximum of 3 months; any exception will be subject to approval by Tata AIA Life Insurance. Our customers can call the Medix call centre from Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm IST excluding general public holidays in India for support and medical advice.
  • A personal and dedicated case doctor will oversee the treatment plan while a case nurse will help the family to coordinate treatment appointments, monitor their progress, and answer any medical queries, alleviating the stress and pressure on customers and their families.
  • The case management team will also help our customers understand their condition, and provide comprehensive, up to date, and reliable information about the available treatments for their condition.
  • By opting for this unique feature, customer is supported and helped with the decision-making process by providing medical research and opinions, referring to the top global specialists in the relevant field of medicine and monitoring the quality of care. All this, to ensure that Tata AIA Life Insurance customers receive the very best medical service and outcomes possible.

How to avail the PMCM service?

  • Click on enrolment link received on SMS/Email/WhatsApp for enrolment for PMCM service.
  • Call +91 2250323004 OR Email for initiating utilisation of service.
  • Following initial contact, a Medix (service provider) representative will provide you with a detailed explanation of the service.

Is the PMCM service for free? Are there any additional costs for the customer?

  • The Personal Medical Case Management service is provided complimentary to our eligible customers who wish to opt for the service.
  • It is possible that additional tests will be required for an accurate diagnosis. The customer's treating doctor would be required to refer the customer for these tests and the customer would be responsible for any associated costs.
  • It will also be up to the customer to cover the costs of any treatment.


  • PMCM is available to eligible and enrolled customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance. PMCM feature is optional. It is the customer’s sole discretion to avail PMCM and to follow the treatment path suggested by service provider. All medical-related dealing will be directly with service provider and not with Tata AIA Life Insurance. Availing this feature grants permission to service provider to contact the customer about PMCM. It is available only for Life Insured of active policies for select products/solutions/riders and for select diseases only, wherein primary diagnosis has been done by a registered practitioner. All supporting medical records should be available to avail the feature. This feature can be discontinued, or service provider may be changed at any time at the insurer’s discretion. This feature is provided by a third-party service provider and Tata AIA Life Insurance shall not be liable for any liability arising due to customer opting to avail this feature.
  • L&C/Misc/2023/May/0277