Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Gold

MahaLife Gold Product Overview

A Non Linked, Participating, Whole Life Individual Savings Plan

Throughout life's journey, one's goal is to create a secure future and a comfortable lifestyle for self and one's loved ones. How wonderful would it be if there is a product which can fulfill both short term as well as future horizon life needs? Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Gold is that product which enables to fulfill one's aspirations by being by one's side as a long term companion.

Whether it's planning for a dream home in the near future, ensuring a good education for children through guaranteed income, enjoying the finer moments of life post-retirement, or creating a lump sum for your loved ones, rest assured your family will always be financially secured for a long period of time through Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Gold.

Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Gold provides a complete solution by ensuring that one creates a legacy for three generations through annual returns and bonuses till 85 years of age or 100 years of age.

MahaLife Gold Key Features

  • Enjoy a lifelong coverage up to age 85 or age 100 by paying premium for 6, 8 or 15 years
  • Plan your legacy by ensuring Regular Income for yourself and your family for a long period of time
  • Guaranteed Annual Coupons1 starting from 10th Policy Anniversary till Maturity
  • Non Guaranteed Cash Dividends annually from 6th Policy Anniversary till Maturity
  • Option to enhance protection through Riders2
  • Receive a lump sum at Maturity in addition to the Regular Income
  • Tax benefits u/s 80C and 10 (10D) of the Income -Tax Act, 19613


  • 1Guaranteed Annual Coupons will be payable at every Policy Anniversary starting from the 10th Policy Anniversary till Maturity or till Death of Insured, whichever is earlier, provided the Policy then is in force. The Guaranteed Annual Coupon rate is Rs. 55 per 1,000 Basic Sum Assured.
  • 2Riders are not mandatory and are available for a nominal extra cost. For more details on benefits, premiums and exclusions under the Rider, please contact Tata AIA Life's insurance Website/Advisor/branch.
  • 3Income Tax benefits would be available as per the prevailing income tax laws, subject to fulfillment of conditions stipulated therein. Income Tax laws are subject to change from time to time. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Ltd. does not assume responsibility on tax implication mentioned anywhere in this document. Please consult your own tax consultant to know the tax benefits available to you.
  • This product is underwritten by Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited. The plan is not a guaranteed issuance plan and it will be subject to Company’s underwriting and acceptance.
  • For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
  • All Premiums are subject to applicable taxes, cesses & levies which will entirely be borne by the Policyholder along with the payment of Premium. If any imposition (tax or otherwise) is levied by any statutory or administrative body under the Policy, Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited reserve the right to claim the same from the policyholder. Alternatively, Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited has the right to deduct the amount from the benefits payable by Us under the Policy.”
  • In case of sub-standard lives, extra premiums will be charged as per our underwriting guidelines.
  • Insurance cover is available under this product.