Key Rider Benefits

  • You can choose one or more benefit options (risk covers), from a list of 5 available options, including disability, hospitalization, and illness.
  • The rider provides coverage against both major illnesses, and minor injuries or illnesses, while allowing multiple claim payouts.
  • Flexibility to receive benefit as combination of lump-sum and income for fixed period, or either as lump-sum, or monthly income for up to 10 years.
  • You can extend protection to your loved ones under the same plan.
  • Option to receive the return of balance premiums on maturity.
  • Rider can be opted either while taking the policy, or at the time of any policy anniversary.
  • Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM)#: Get advice from global experts with 24/7 multiple consultation services for 3 months in case of heart ailments or cancer. Click here to know more.
  • Income tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws.
  • The Tata AIA Life Insurance Linked Comprehensive Health Rider is available with Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Sampoorna RakshaTata AIA Life Insurance Fortune ProTata AIA Life Insurance Wealth ProTata AIA Life Insurance Wealth Maxima & Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Maxima.