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Healthcare Cost Calculator

Don’t compromise on quality healthcare! Use the Tata AIA Life Insurance Healthcare Cost Calculator to estimate medical expenses so that finances do not become an obstacle in getting the best care and protection.

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Please note: The average cost of treating illnesses today like heart ailments, knee replacement etc is ₹ 5 lakh per person

The estimated healthcare cost will be

7.2 Lakhs

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People frequently asked us about…
What is a health calculator?

A health calculator is an online tool that can give you a fair estimate of the potential cost of healthcare for your family in the future. It tells you how much you will need to save up, if you want to ensure that there is no unexpected financial burden on account of medical costs. 

How does inflation affect the cost of healthcare?
Inflation, in general, tends to result in an increased price of goods and services. This naturally has the same effect on healthcare costs as well. Over time, the cost of medicines and the price of availing medical services also go up, on account of inflation. It is for this reason that you must always be financially prepared to meet any unforeseen medical costs that you could incur in the future.
Why do I need to find out the estimated cost of healthcare for my family?

Finding out the estimated cost of healthcare for your family helps you be financially prepared to meet them. By using the health calculator, you get a better idea of the amount that you will need to have in hand at a certain point in the future, so you can pay any medical expenses and healthcare costs that could crop up later in life. 

Once you get a good estimate of this amount, you can plan your finances in such a way that you have the required amount ready at that point in the future. Savings plans and ULIPs can also help you achieve the target amount in the future, so you are better prepared to meet unexpected medical expenses.

How do I use the health calculator?

The health calculator from Tata AIA Life Insurance is beginner-friendly, and simple enough to use. You just need to fill in the details required, like the members in your family, the estimated healthcare cost for your family today, and the cost of treatment today. The health calculator then shows you what the estimated healthcare costs will be any given number of years later, at a specific rate of inflation.  

Why do I need to buy health insurance?

Health insurance can help you be financially prepared to meet the costs associated with healthcare and medical treatments for yourself, or for anyone in your family. It ensures that you can meet those expenses even when inflation has resulted in an overall rise in the costs. Additionally, health insurance also makes it possible for you to keep your investments intact, so you can redirect them to other life goals. This way, you can comfortably afford the best treatments without dipping into your savings.


  • Please make your own independent decision after consulting your financial or other professional advisor.

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