7 tips that can help you stay obesity-free

5-July-2021 |

Data suggests that out of every 10 Indians, 5 are overweight, and 7 are at high risk for developing obesity. It also means that India is chronically at the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, blood disease, common digestion problems, and overall immunity-related catastrophes. If the recent coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need to take our health more seriously. And so, we request that you begin at the earliest. Take all necessary measures to remain in shape. You can never be too sure when it comes to your health.

A lean body is the foundation of health. Here are 7 tips that can help you stay obesity free

Sleep on time

This may not be the first suggestion you get when you ask your obstetrician what to do to stay healthy. But we assure you that your sleep routine is directly linked with your weight. It has been found in various studies that people who stay up late at night often end up eating at night. When you sleep, your digestive system slows down. This means that a lot of the food you ate before going to bed remains undigested, and this can lead to you putting on a few more kilograms.

Moreover, people who do not sleep at night do not get enough rest. So, they compensate by eating more than required, which leads us to our next point. To reduce weight, make sure that you get adequate sleep. 

Avoid bored-eating

A major cause of obesity! It qualifies as an eating disorder if you eat to kill time or if you have to snack on something when you're not doing anything. While those little snacks may seem harmless, you have to understand that most of the food we eat nowadays is processed. You take your French fries or your tacos or chips, for example! They are heavy on salt, oil, calories, and bad cholesterol. All these snacks eventually accumulate and lead to obesity.

Eat more natural and less processed

The problem with processed foods is that they are tricky and beautiful. They do not look so bulky or deadly. Rather, they are made in ways that make them look irresistible! However, when you understand the preparation process of such items, you realize numerous harmful and potentially artificial chemicals go into their making. This is never too good for your cardiac health. So, we recommend you eat as natural and organic as possible. If you have to snack and you are getting bored, or you are just watching a movie, and you crave cheesy caramel popcorn, just pick a healthy snack. Fruits could be a healthy snack. They also come with calories. However, measuring everything that you consume purely in terms of calories is not good. We have to also look at the other nutrients that food provides. If you pick a healthier option, at least you get supplements that can fight other bad calories.

Establish a cheat day

You might not find another blog suggesting you establish a cheat day. However, we recommend that everybody needs to cut themselves some slack sometimes. If you are following a strict diet, you may get bored eventually. And sometimes, that boredom can repel you, and you may completely abandon your diet. So, it is best to establish that one day, where you indulge in eating everything you like. However, in this case, too, you should remember that moderation is the key. On your cheat day, you will have to work out more to burn all that fat away.

Work out

There is no way around it. Eating healthy will help you get healthier and exercising even 15 minutes a day can help you get in shape faster. You can pick up anything from yoga to swimming. Make sure that your cardio really warms up your body, and you can feel the heat and burn. Exercising gives not only physical benefits but also mental health benefits. Working out is known to alleviate stress and boost your dopamine, your happiness hormone.

Eat more often but lesser

An efficient way to counter overeating, the primary cause of obesity in India, is taking smaller portions and eating slower. Moreover, you should fix a time for eating every hour and reduce your portion size whenever you eat. When you take smaller portions, you trick your stomach into believing that you are constantly eating, and so, you must be constantly full.


The Greek philosopher Socrates said that walking is the solution to all our problems, and rightly so! If you ask doctors, they will tell you a walk after dinner can reduce the chances of obesity by 90%. If your lifestyle does not allow you to go to the gym or take 50 minutes out every day, you can always walk after your meals.

Here’s hoping that the 7 tips given above help you stay in your best shape. However, one can never be too sure when it comes to their health. Not only should you make adjustments for your physical wellbeing, but you should also ensure that you are financially ready to tackle health problems if they arise.

For certain types of obesity, bariatric surgery might be required. These simple lifestyle changes will not help restore normalcy without the medical procedure if you need one. Such medical treatments can be expensive. Perhaps why, you need an exhaustive health insurance policy that can cover for you. Tata AIA Life Insurance could provide you various options to choose from, and you could even opt for a term insurance plan. Term Insurance comes with accidental cover and critical illness cover, which can be further supplemented by add-on riders.

You should focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and make incremental changes to your habits that can help add up in weight loss over time.


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