8 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

9-June-2021 |

Life has its ways of surprising us. We can never truly anticipate the situation ahead, and this is especially true when it comes to our health, finances, and overall well-being. A little slip on the road in the rainy season could cause a lot of damage to your body as well as your wallet. An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause problems later on in life as well. . As petty as these things sound, they can eventually become huge and dangerous. What you need is a bunch of effective yet simple life hacks.


In this article, we list a few daily life hacks to help you save time, money and your health!!


Set up a routine


It's no wonder that most people nowadays wake up feeling tired because they sleep too late and wake up too early. One of the side effects of a more sedentary lifestyle is not following a routine. This may not affect you much as an adult in your 20s. However, if your body is always going to be confused, you’re soon going to face symptoms of exhaustion. Premature ageing, poor metabolism, and mood swings are just some of the signs that you need to fix your schedule. This will affect all aspects of your social, professional, and personal growth too. It's best to set up a healthy routine that is customized for your comfort & growth.


Take a break


We did tell you that routine & discipline is the key to a healthy life. However, perhaps, the best hack of them all is to cut yourself some slack if you can’t do it on some rough days. Sometimes, it's alright to take a trip outside the city and just unwind on a beach, or it’s okay to use your phone a little more than usual. Allow yourself to be lazy. Give yourself a break when you need it the most. You’ll come back reenergized, refreshed and raring to get things done.


Never sit for longer than half an hour


This is a big one. We sit all day at work, and then we take taxis or buses to get back home. During this commute, we sit again for hours, perhaps. And at home, usually, our only mode of relaxation is sitting in front of the TV while looking at our phones. All this inactivity and sitting around can make your body more obese. What you can do is make it a point to never sit for longer than 45 minutes at a stretch or take 15 minutes out of every hour and get into some physical activity. Walking from your kitchen to your sofa and back also counts.


Plan your finances


Many times, we find ourselves helpless in terms of finances. There could be a loan repayment due, which we do not have the means for, and we find ourselves asking for money from friends for an expensive requirement. It’s always something or the other! And it seems like we never have the right amount of money, regardless of how much we earn. There is just no money-saving plan.


Here are a few things you can do to ensure your finances are well-planned:


  • Set up a savings fund.

  • Invest regularly in a money-saving plan.

  • Monitor your expenses.

  • Pay off your debts.

Set up an emergency fund


If you think about what makes life the most difficult, the first thing that comes to your mind is the unpredictability of life. You never know when you or someone you love may need some financial help. While you cannot foresee the future, you can still prepare for it, and therefore it's important that you have a savings insurance dedicated to emergencies. A savings insurance plan would allow you to pay your premium regularly. While the premium is the pre-decided money to be paid at a pre-decided time, you get a sum assured that helps you remain financially stable.


TATA AIA online comes with various options for a savings insurance policy. Check them out!


Exercise regularly


Now, this is a useful life hack that we have heard so often we wish it had another option. Unfortunately, there is no way around this simple life hack. You can’t skip exercise.


Our lifestyles do not allow us to move a lot, which is why it is important that we make deliberate plans to move. And hence, you need to dedicate 45 to 50 minutes every day to work out. You can take up yoga, swimming, or whichever form of exercise you like. You should just ensure that your body sweats it out. Exercising regularly has various benefits, particularly for your heart and digestive health.. However, remember there is an old saying that only 20% of the body is made in the gym, and 75% of your body is made in the kitchen. So, as important as it is to work out, make sure that you give your body the right nutrition to support your health endeavors.




A very simple life hack, but a very overlooked one too! Many of our problems arise when we realize that we haven't been paying attention to our mental health. As important as it is to work out for your physical health, you must also do certain things that can keep your mental health in check. One such important thing to do is regularly meditate. You could take out 15-20 minutes every day and dive in a mindful meditational state. This will not only calm you down, but mindful pondering has been proven to help fight depression, bipolar, OCD, and other mental disorders.




Declutter your way to a better life. Decluttering your surroundings, your life habits and your mind are often the simplest way to lead a long, fruitful life. So, start by organizing your house. Remove all the stuff you don't need and prioritize the stuff you do. You should also start arranging things based on their uses and where they belong. Doing so would mean that you never have to search for a thing! You would simply know where to look for it.


We hope this quick article has been of some help to you and that you now understand a few daily life hacks that you can try to make your life easier. You can reach out to us in the comments if you follow your own simple life hacks, or these life hacks work well for you.



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