Tata AIA Life Insurance
iRaksha TROP 

Non-Linked Non-Participating, Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan

We always do what is best for our family, and take great care of their needs. Our world revolves around our loved ones, and we never shy away from our responsibilities. One of our key responsibilities is to protect their smiles, and ensure that nothing comes in between them, and the life they deserve.

One of the ways this can be achieved is by choosing a comprehensive life insurance plan, which not only offers the cover of protection, but also promises to secure their financial future. Ensure that your loved ones do not have to compromise with anything, by purchasing the Tata AIA Life Insurance iRaksha TROP plan.



Option for protection up to the age of 100, or for policy term up to 40 years

Dual benefits

Offer financial protection through insurance cover, and return of premiums paid in case the policyholder survives till maturity

Discount on premiums

Discount on premium on opting for higher sum assured

Benefits for women and non-smokers

Differential premium rates for women policyholders and for non-smokers

Highlights of Tata AIA Life Insurance iRakshaTROP

Coverage for policy term of up to 40 years, or till age 100
Lower premium rates for women policyholders and standard premium rates for non-smokers
When you opt for higher sum assured, you get discounts that make the plan more affordable

Add Savings Plan Riders

Tata AIA Life Insurance Non-Linked Comprehensive Protection Rider 

You can choose one or more benefit options (risk covers), including death, accidental death / disability, critical illness and terminal illness
Flexibility to receive benefit as combination of lump-sum and income for fixed period, income till survival of partner, or as waiver of future premiums
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Tata AIA Life Insurance Non-Linked Comprehensive Health Rider 

You can choose one or more benefit options (risk covers), from a list of 5 available options, including disability, hospitalization, and illness
The rider provides coverage against both major illnesses, and minor injuries or illnesses, while allowing multiple claim payouts
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Check eligibility Documents required

Entry age

Minimum age at  entry  18 – 65 years ( for Single Pay, Regular Pay and  Limited Pay 5, Limited Pay 10)

Premium payment term

Available premium payment term options 
(for policy term of 10 - 40 years)
Limited Pay – 5 years
Single Pay
Regular Pay
Available premium payment term options  
(for policy term of 15 - 40 years)  
Limited Pay – 10 years 

Premium payment mode

Premium payment frequency options 

Single (for Single Pay) 

Age at maturity

 Maximum age at maturity   100 

Sum assured

Minimum sum assured (in multiples of Rs. 1,00,000)  Rs. 50,00,000
Maximum sum assured (in multiples of Rs. 1,00,000)  No Limit, subject to Board approved underwriting policy
PAN card
Aadhaar card
Bank statement (for the previous 6 months)
Salary slip
Income tax receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

What are term insurance?

A protection plan helps you secure the future of your loved ones, and shields your family from uncertainties in life. It is important to safeguard your family from life’s uncertainties, such as loss of income, untimely demise of a loved one, or critical illnesses. Protection plans facilitate the Rakshakaran of your family, so that you and your loved ones can live life to the fullest.

When should I purchase a term insurance?

Since the premiums are lower when you start early, it is a good idea to purchase a protection plan when you are young and . Another benefit is that you may not have to undergo medical tests if you purchase a term insurance at a young age

What is the premium payment frequency for term insurance?

You can choose from the following  premium payment frequencies

  • Annual
  • Half-yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
What documents would I require to buy an insurance policy?

To buy an insurance policy, you need to submit the following mandatory documents.

Proof of address:

The following documents are accepted as valid proof of your address.

  • Bank Statement (or passbook) with the latest entries for six months 
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Voter's ID
  • Driving license
  • Electricity/telephone bill
  • Ration card

Proof of identity:

Some of the documents that are accepted as valid proof of your identity include:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Documents showing proof of income:

These documents, which are required only for a few plans, include:

  • Salary slips of the previous 3 months
  • Income tax returns/Employer certificate
  • Bank statement of the previous 6 months
  • Latest Form 16
What are the additional benefits of the iRaksha TROP plan?

The Tata AIA Life Insurance iRaksha TROP(UIN: 110N106V02) plan offers you the dual benefits of financial protection through life cover, and the return of premiums paid, provided the policyholder survives until the maturity of the policy. Additionally, by purchasing this plan, you also get tax benefits as per the applicable tax laws.

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