Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Power Up Your Day

29-May-2021 |

How sure could you be when it comes to your health? We say, never too sure! Take everything seriously and get it all right. You must make sure your food is right, and your workout is at par. You could be doing every important thing required to stay fit, but maybe, the flaw is in the little details. It may not sound like a huge problem, but not having the right breakfast recipes is a problem! This could be one such detail that disturbs whatever you have been doing right.


Your breakfast is the first meal of your day. So, if we want to start our day on a healthy note, our breakfast needs to be the first thing we set right. We are guilty of accommodating just coffee and pancakes or other lousy breakfast recipes in our inactive lifestyles.


Through this article, we will share a few healthy breakfast ideas.


Along with scientists and doctors, we believe that you need to have a healthy and satiating roaster of breakfast ideas to be fully charged for the day ahead. Since you have time throughout the day to digest the food you eat during breakfast, it should also be the most appetizing meal of the day. However, nowadays, we do it all wrong. We start light, and then we consume more calories as the day progresses. So, to help you make the most of your breakfast, we are giving you 5 healthy breakfast recipes you must try to ensure your day starts on the most positive note.


And for all the desi food lovers, don’t worry, we have some healthy Indian breakfast recipes. Read on for more!


1. Honey + Lemon + Hot Water + Neem

Well, this one may not technically qualify as a whole breakfast meal, but it is most certainly a quick starter we need to include in our morning routines. Ideally, this drink should be the first thing you drink when you wake up. It should be a glass of hot water mixed with a little honey, neem leaves, and lemon drops. This nourishes the enzymes that may have reached your mouth via the gastronomical track while you were sleeping at night. It also hydrates your dehydrated body. Since you've not eaten or had fluids for the last 8 to 12 hours during the night, your body needs it. Moreover, honey and neem leaves are both said to be great antioxidants that replenish your immunity. However, if you have diabetes or high sugar levels in the morning, you may have to consult your obstetrician about this.


2. Fruits




You cannot go wrong with fruits. They provide you with energy and specific vitamins to keep you running throughout the day. They are also tasty, which means you won’t have to eat them halfheartedly. They say when God wanted to treat his creations, he made fruits. They are nature’s own sweets. Apart from being loaded with vitamins and minerals, fruits help boost your immunity. Fruits are among the best breakfast ideas because you'll have the whole day to digest them properly. So, we highly recommend you start your day with an apple, a banana, or a mango (a seasonal fruit). You can top it off with a glass of milk or a vegetable smoothie, which is our next recommendation for an awesome breakfast.


3. Vegetable Smoothies


We understand that not everybody has the time to prepare a scrumptious meal at the beginning of the day. However, you can just make smoothies! Now, we know that when somebody says “smoothies”, you instantly think of a banana smoothie or a pineapple smoothie. However, scientists now believe that you should never juice your fruits, but you should always juice your vegetables because vegetables are loaded with fibers. However, they can sometimes make your tummy look bloated. So, the best way to break down these complex but useful organic compounds is to just grind them into a nice smoothie.


4. Fermented Foods


You will be surprised to know that many healthy Indian breakfast recipes fall in the fermented foods category. For example, idlis and dhoklas. These are made of fermented batter, which you can soak two days before use. The older it gets; the more nutrients it gives. If you are not so much into preparing things, you could use the rotis you made for dinner as breakfast. Stir a bowl of milk, cut rotis into nice little pieces, and put some sugar in it. You will be surprised at how good it tastes. Coincidentally, these breakfast ideas can be filling while not being super high on calories!


5. Poha or Chiwda


Another healthy Indian breakfast recipe is the poha. When you make poha, you put in a lot of vegetables - onions, tomatoes, peas, garlic, groundnuts, etc. Adding vegetables to your diet is always a good idea. Moreover, poha is compressed rice, and so it does not contain the starch that your regular white rice or even brown rice does! Let us know in the comments how you liked our simple breakfast recipes. We hope you have a healthy breakfast and a great day every day!


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