5 Work from Home Essentials to Boost Your Productivity

5-July-2021 |

A Boston Consulting Group study states that 75% of people working remotely have been able to maintain or improve their productivity.

Even though many people have been in a WFH (work from home) scenario for years now, it was only in March 2020 when working from home became a reality for the vast majority.


With the pandemic disrupting life’s rules that we swore by earlier, this unprecedented change has seen people worldwide transform their homes into makeshift offices. While it has brought joy to some, most people have suffered an emotional and behavioural revamp, which has changed the way they perceive work.


We have come across people who have been able to strike an improved work-life balance without much struggle. When we analyzed a handful of them, we realized something in common – most of them got the work-from-home essentials and personal productivity equipment strategy right. It has helped them go about their work in a hassle-free manner.


The balance is similar to what Tata AIA Life Insurance’s Online Premium term plans have been able to achieve for the benefit of term insurance buyers all over the country.


This article discusses five work-from-home essentials to help you boost your productivity.


What are the work-from-home essentials?

There are certain must-have items you need to optimize your WFH performance. But for that, ask yourself some questions.


  • What is the size of the desk required for your WFH setup?

If you use a laptop or a PC, a regular desk should suffice. But if your work involves several calculations, keeping multiple tabs open on monitors, you will need a larger desk.


  • Do you work online, or are you connected to cloud 24*7?

If yes, you will need a reliable and robust internet connection to ensure that you do not encounter network issues.


  • Are you on video calls constantly?

If yes, you will need a good pair of headphones. Ensure a pleasurable background for others to whom you are visible during these calls.


How do I put together my WFH setup?

Now that you know WFH will probably be more prolonged than we initially expected it to be, you must plan your setup and ensure it helps you optimize your productivity. But we would like to throw caution to the wind and tell you that it is not necessarily the most expensive items that will help you optimize, but a simple addition like a Rubik’s cube can make it happen.


So here are five work from home essentials necessary to boost your productivity:


  1. Have a dedicated workspace

  2. One of the prerequisites of successfully managing work-life balance in a WFH scenario is setting up a workspace you call “office.” It will closely resemble your office space, and you should try not to take up any personal activities in this space if possible. It would help you remain focused.


    Also, you need to structure your day like it is a usual office day. We understand the urge to scroll through Instagram reels or watch a YouTube video. However, clear rules will enable you not to give in to the temptation.


  3. Have a noise-cancelling headphone

  4. Even though noise-cancelling headphones may not seem essential, you will know the difference it makes to your work once you get it. Given the number of video calls we expect throughout the day or tasks that require concentration, a pair of quality noise-cancelling headphones is a must-have for every professional. It is one of the essential personal productivity equipment you should own.


    Given the multitude of devices on offer, it is not viable for us to use a wired earphone. But most Bluetooth ones only offer sub-par noise cancellation. So, a pair with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) will ensure you can go about your business undisturbed.


  5. A dedicated WFH setup

  6. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary for us to emulate an office environment to ensure we do not end up compromising on productivity because of the added comfort. If space is a constraint, you can get a compact desk placed in the corner of your room. Make sure it is clutter-free, and you keep only what you need.


  7. Portable devices

  8. When working from home, you cannot continue working as you did at the office. You may require frequent breaks to manage other tasks or need to shift to another room (to take care of kids or for other reasons). It necessitates the addition of a portable device, such as a MacBook, to help you manage your work irrespective of the ambience.


  9. Prepare a to-do list

  10. A WFH scenario can be overwhelming for many. Women, especially, can find it challenging to find the right balance. So, it is imperative for you to prepare a to-do list for the day before switching on your PC or laptop. It will force you to self-track and ring a bell whenever you spend time doing something unimportant.


    You can either note it in a diary or on a piece of paper. In present times, several apps let you plan your daily activities and ensure you complete them.


    Manage your work from home productivity like Tata AIA Online Premium term insurance plans

    It can be difficult to manage your WFH commitments unless you are focused and know how to keep yourself organized. A plan that works for your colleagues may not work for you.

    Hence, you must understand your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly plan your day, similar to how Tata AIA Online Premium has a policy for all your term plan needs.



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