7 Factors You Should Follow To Keep Yourself Fit And Strong!

25-August-2021 |

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" is a well-known phrase! It means a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, and together both can ensure a happy life for you. Therefore, if you are physically fit and strong, stay active throughout the day, you can work on your commitments with full concentration and spend quality time with your loved ones

Since your health and fitness is critical to a peaceful and successful life, here are a few tips to help you stay fit and strong.

How You Can Stay Physically Fit and Strong

  1. Exercise daily:

    Exercise is a primary factor in ensuring fitness. The extent of exercise you can undertake depends on your lifestyle, profession, and interest. Cardio exercises strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation Strength training and stretching helps you stay flexible and strong throughout the day.

    However, the real benefit of exercise can be attained only when you do it regularly. Motivate yourself to spend at least one hour on a dedicated exercise routine. It can be as simple as fast walking or jogging regularly. You can also make it a point to walk for a few minutes every hour if you are in a sedentary work environment.

  2. Count your calories:

    Charting out a balanced diet is the second most important thing to do to stay healthy. You can focus on eating fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. When you plan out a meal, ensure that it contains food items that include protein, iron, and carbohydrates for a nutritious diet.

    It is advisable to have frequent small meals throughout the day for enhanced metabolism. Count your calories before every meal and ensure to moderate them to keep a check on your weight.

  3. Engage in Meditation and Yoga:

    Practising meditation and yoga has been associated with the reduction of stress, anxiety and the improvement of flexibility and emotional health. These factors are essential to keep yourself fit because they can help you exercise and diet regularly and appropriately. The various breathing exercises and postures in yoga can rejuvenate your body every morning for a happy day ahead.

  4. Invest Wisely

    Your mental peace can enhance its physical counterpart. If you are an earning member of your family, ensuring your family's financial security is certainly important for you to have some peace of mind. Make a detailed financial plan based on your income and financial commitments in the long term.

    Invest in a guaranteed1 return plan to include life cover and guaranteed1 returns. The guaranteed1 returns will be given to you as a maturity benefit. You can avail of it based on your preference. There are several guaranteed1 return plans in India for you to choose from.

    For instance, Tata AIA life insurance provides a range of guaranteed1 return plans with multiple payout options. You can receive the maturity benefit as a lump sum, regular income for a defined period, or as a whole life income throughout life. Securing your family's future, even in your absence, can be made easy with the purchase of a suitable plan.

  5. Say no to unhealthy habits:

    Following unhealthy habits in life can lead to addictions that can affect your health adversely. Even if you follow a healthy exercise and diet routine, a bad habit can instantly negate the benefits. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the two prime habits that can deteriorate the important organs in your body.

    If you find quitting difficult, try to withdraw slowly or take the help of a rehabilitation centre to get cured completely. If you face a sudden lifestyle change entailing a loss of income, you can invest in life insurance with assured returns as a precaution to secure your family.

  6. Pick up a hobby:

    Engaging in an activity that keeps your mind and body relaxed is important to stay fit. Pick up a hobby such as reading a book, listening to music, cooking etc., that interests you for some time during the day. It can be a break from your hard-working schedule and help refresh your mind and body.


Life introduces you to varied challenges and uncertainties. However, if you are a healthy and strong individual, you can take it all in the right spirit.

Planning your finances is significant to your mental health because it can secure your family and ensure that you have peace of mind. So keep yourself fit, stay strong, work hard, and invest well for a happy and secure life!


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