Life Insurance for Smokers: A Quick Guide

26-May-2021 |

A term insurance policy is considered to be one of the most affordable life insurance products. The eligibility criteria for a term policy are pretty straightforward, and with so many online plans, you can purchase one in just a few steps. Despite the ease and convenience, there is a section of people who are always wary of buying a term plan – the smokers. Buying a term plan for smokers may seem like an impossible thing. But, in reality, there are many insurance companies that offer good life insurance plans for people who smoke.


If you are a smoker and wish to secure your loved ones with a term insurance plan, here are some things you should know.


Can you purchase affordable life insurance for smokers?



Yes, you can purchase affordable life insurance even if you smoke or if you use tobacco in any other form. However, the premium may be comparatively higher than it is for others. All insurance companies have special plans for smokers, and it is not hard to find a wholesome plan with useful features. Moreover, the sooner you buy a term plan, the lower the premiums, as premiums tend to rise with age.


Are term life insurance rates for smokers different from others?

Yes, term life insurance rates are likely to differ for smokers from other people of the same age. This is because smoking makes you vulnerable to falling sick and increases the chances of death by several degrees. There have been many studies and researches that link smoking to critical ailments like lung cancer, mouth cancer, and even heart-related issues. This makes insurers vary of a smoker as it increases the chances of early death as compared to general non smoker population. As a result, the insurance company sees you as a liability and charges a higher premium for a life insurance plan.


What is the definition of a smoker as per an insurance company?

When it comes to a term plan for smokers, the insurance company will consider you a smoker if:


  • You presently smoke cigarettes, cigars, beedi, gutka, khaini, tobacco, or any form of nicotine.
  • You consume pan masala.
  • You have consumed cigarettes, cigars, beedi, gutka, khaini, tobacco, pan masala, or any form of nicotine in the last two years.


What happens if you hide that you are a smoker to buy an online term plan at a lower premium rate?

Keep in mind that while hiding crucial information related to your health can help you get a term policy at a lower premium rate, it can lead to troubles later. When you buy an insurance plan, you sign a legal policy document stating that the information you have entered in your form is accurate. Lying or misstating information, such as your lifestyle habits, past health issues, existing illnesses, age, etc., is considered fraud in the eyes of the law. In this case, the insurance company has the right to take legal action against you.


In addition to the above, the insurance provider can also reject your nominee’s claim at the time of settlement. This can leave your loved ones high and dry, unable to fend for themselves in your absence. The premiums you pay to secure your term plan would also go to waste, and your family members will not be able to reap any benefits of insurance.


Is a term plan for smokers essential?

Yes, a term plan can be extremely important for smokers. Smoking considerably shortens a person’s lifespan and puts them at a lot of additional risks. Therefore, the need to secure your loved ones and their future is paramount in the case of smokers. A term insurance policy can help your family members pay back debt, cover the expenses of school and college, settle routine bills, travel, and more. It is a great way to ensure that they are comfortable and well provided for. Hence, you should consider purchasing a term policy regardless of whether you smoke or not.


Tata AIA Life Insurance Term Plan can be ideal for smokers. You can get a cost-effective premium rate for a high sum assured. The cover can be extended up to the age of 100. Moreover, the flexible premium payment options make it easy to purchase a term plan for all income groups.


To sum it up

A term plan for smokers is a crucial financial tool to make sure that your family members are safeguarded in your absence. Moreover, with so many affordable plans, it is very easy to get a term plan that fits your budget and at the same time protects your family. However, even though smokers can purchase a term plan, it may still be advised to quit smoking. Smoking or consuming tobacco or nicotine can be injurious to your health. So, in order to lead a healthy and active life, try to quit smoking as soon as you can.



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